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Life is a wonderful journey to explore and appreciate, though for many that gets interrupted from time to time by a host of reasons that take us away from the truth of who we are and what we are capable of.

You Can Say Yes guides and inspires groups, individuals and communities
to discover what is true and through a variety of services, moves all into a place that says YES to what is right, true and a contribution to your well being. When you take care of you, your family, your work, your community... you add value to the world.

When we AIM for that the world looks brighter everyday.



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Upcoming Events!

Second City Improv
Laughter & Wellness

Oct 9th 5-7pm
1616 N. Wells St
Chicago, IL

The Game of Laughter
October 10th
Park Ridge, IL

The Basic Laughter Yoga Workshop
October 11th 10am-4pm
Park Ridge, IL

The Joy and Rapture of Women's Laughter
October 23 9am-5:30pm
Los Angeles, CA

Coaching the Laughter
October 27-28
Los Angeles, CA

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training
Dec 6-7
Las Vegas, NV

Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers Training
January 31 - Feb 4
Chicago, IL

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The Women Within

Prosperity's Circle

The Game of Thanks

The Game of Laughter

Coaching the Laughter

The Humanity Experience









The Howls of Halloween
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Motivation is from external sources, where Inspiration comes from within.

You Can Say... YES offers some simple and highly effective ways to bring what's true, what's purposeful and what is more effective to the forefront of your choices and decisions for more realistic and practical outcomes.

Everyone can say yes... and we all like to express our yes, though too often we say yes to the things we don't want and the things that are neither efficient or effective. Inspiring your YES can be innovative, inspiring and imaginative in such a way that grows the potential we have yet to learn about and use in intuitive and emotionally intelligent ways that are lighthearted and life changing.


Laughter is a vehicle that can help us to breathe more effectively, remind us we were designed with joy in mind, eliminate the power struggle (even the one with ourselves), relax our muscles, reduce our stress and help us to let go of what isn't really necessary and let in what is. Life is better when you're laughing!

A whole new way to appreciate life is to rediscover Joy. It is the essence of well being and feeling
good. If you or your organization have overloaded the stress or today!

  • Joyful Living Key Notes
  • Interactive Stress Relief Presentations
  • Joyful and Empowering Workshops
  • Inspiring Retreats to Refresh and Refuel
  • Workplace Joy Audits
  • Women's Events, Talks, Retreats & More
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Trainings
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher Trainings
  • Laughter and Coaching...Inspired living!
  • Create Your Own Event

Laughter is for everyone from the classroom, the family room, the commuity to the board room

Laughter Programs
Coaching the Laughter - The Game of Laughter
Certifed Laughter Yoga Leader & Teacher Trainings

The Labyrinth is a tool of interspection, and can aid in getting to the heart of the matter with a simple walk following a simple path. It is rich in it's ability to help the mind relax and refocus on purpose.

Life Lessons of the Labyrinth
Read the Daily Walking Blog
Programs designed for your organization and group
Workshops and Retreats designed for your organization
Labyrinth Coaching for the individual, team or groups
Community walks hosted
Labyrinth Designs for your location
Canvas portable labyrinths brought to your organization
Finger labyrinths are available for seated Groups
Individual Experience
Groups & Community
In the Workplace - In Education
(a Mindful division of You Can Say...Yes Inspiration Guidance)

For Labyrinth Facilitators, Designer, Researchers and Enthusiasts:
The Heartland Labyrinth Circlefor resource and support. This is a group open to all enthusiasts of the labyrinth meeting quarterly and promoting interest.

To change your perspective, change your conversation. The one that you have about yourself, your relationships and your environment at home and at work. Coaching is
a marvelously simple way to discover your inner strengths, gifts and abilities. While it may seem simple, it is a profound way to meet someone you've been dying to know... the you within. It's the best investment one can make as it yields life long rewards.

Individual Coaching
Group and Corporate Coaching
Conversation Circles
Meditation and Mindfulness
Key Notes and Presentations
Yes Workshops
Custom Retreats
Relationship - Leadership - Transistion - Awareness

Consider the conversation you wish to change...
About yourself, your relationships, your work, your purpose, your passion
Coaching is a process that evolves the change from where you begin to where you wish to go. It reveals your hidden abilities and reminds you about your significance while taking steps toward an ideal, goal or transition you wish to create all in an easy and relaxed manner.

Programs for the Group or Workplace include:
Lunch and Learn Series - After Work Social Fun Groups - Challenge Groups
Team Play - Laugh With the Staff - Weekly Conversation Circles - Joy Audits
Department Presentations - Corporate Presentations
Joy at Work Days - Conference Speaker/Presenter - Retreats - Custom Programs

Try a complimentary consult and discover the right fit for your growth process
Contact or (847) 401-5787

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Change Your Conversation
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From Motivation
To Inspiration
Begin with external motivation and move into the INternal INspiration!

Chicago, IL
(847) 401-5787


Develop Happiness
Increase Joy & Laughter

Be Mindful...

Unwind the Mind

Inspire Yourself
Inspire Others

From Here to There

Ask Questions
When we go the extra mile and ask questions, we keep from assuming and grow in what we know, instead of what we think we know.

Build confidence
In your personal stride or in public speaking

What is True?
Understand what motivates and inspires you so you can use it

Find Urgency in Life
Discover what is truly important and live with purpose on purpose

Keep Your Word
Is your Integrity aligned with your values? Do you keep your word with others? Yourself?

Learn the Secrets of the Conscious Mind
and beyond
Let go of what you know and learn more to grow

Contribute and Win
If you haven't learned to be a contribution in the world by now...
It is a good time to start

Value People
Do you walk as a woman among women and a man among men?

Conscious Communication
Become aware of the language you use and develop it to communicate what it is you want to really say


This is called
personal leadership.
There is a certain freedom when we act as leaders
of self...

Seize The Play!


Enjoy the Day!


isn't that serious!
Breathe more
Play more
Laugh more
Enjoy more
Live all of your days

Say you!







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(847) 401-5787
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Say Yes to your life....Say Yes to what you love.....Say Yes to who you are!